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High Speed Doors

With increased fuel costs for heating and chilling, stricter environmental and health & safety standards it has become increasingly important that doors are open for as short a time as possible and only when necessary.  Optimise your operating procedures and lower you energy costs through shorter opening times, without interrupting traffic flow using our high-speed doors.

High Speed Doors standard features:

  • PVC curtain with choice of colour from standard range
  • Vision panel in curtain
  • Automatic closing via timer
  • Safety photocells and safety edge bottom rail
  • Manual opening in event of power failure

High Speed Door options include:

  • Increased speed via inverter control (up to 3 m/s on some doors)
  • Heavy duty doors for exposed locations
  • Additional safety features such as extra photocells and crash counter
  • Soft bottom edge on some doors to minimise collision damage
  • Automatic opening via induction loops, radar or remote control
  • Hoods and motor covers to maintain cleanliness and protect doors from water